Of Rude Shocks and Ready Absorbers

The other day, I got the shock of my life in the most unusual of circumstances that are best left undescribed, given they are truly indescribable. But having absorbed the shock like a precious life lesson, I have moved on without disturbing my homegrown poise and self-imposed equanimity. 

Thanks to the sheer gravity of the stomach-churning experience, I now know better:

...that familial roots have little meaning if familial fruits hang on genetically modified trees of their choice 

...that it is futile to supply a carefully curated set of introspective questions if the maverick in question already has all the answers

...that it is sheer madness to try and wake up those who pretend to be asleep, regardless of whether they are kids, adolescents, young Turks, or old people

....that you have no right to subject your own folks to torturous sessions of mandatory confinement for the sake of folks who are no longer your 'known'

 ...that using a comma where a full stop is urgently called for can cause blunders more ghastly than what errors of punctuation imply

Before I sign-off for good, here's a humble piece of heartfelt advice to the learned souls who inadvertantly caused me great anguish: 

No disaster is as lethal as the one concerning Health. If and when possible, get your home water-proofed. Damp walls are the harbingers of disease and disorder. And embrace Pranayama with open arms. May the power of Anulom Vilom and Kapalbhati bless you with everlasting health, peace, and well being.