Tuesday, May 12, 2009

For old time's sake

The other day, nine of us were off to a resort near Alibaug to catch some vintage moments of peace and tranquility, away from the din of city life.

This was a sort of get-together for old time's sake. Having spent close to eleven years of my life in Virar - the last and lost station on Mumbai's bustling Western Railway - my bond with the place and its people is special.

There have been several Virar moments that I cherish to this day - those were my early years of work life - most of it spent commuting on the tracks to and fro - Virar to Churchgate and back - day in and day out. Whatever time was left out, I spent with this Alibaug gang - playing pranks, whiling time and making merry. Most of them were kids then...few were grown up, others were toddlers. The pleasures were trivial but never seemed so...to this day.

Each passing day, I saw them grow up to the realities of life. Today, all are well placed or rising in the vocations of their choice - artistes, singer-composers,engineers,software professionals,accountants,technicians...

It felt great to be part of the merriment - all of us happy to relive old moments with the same intensity. From age 21 to 39, we were all kids on a common plane, celebrating our togetherness in the quiet vicinity of the beach house.

In this so-called age of material pleasures, this unconditional reunion - without rhyme or reason,without aim and agenda, was indeed heartening...a living proof of true emotions in motion...that defy time and the vagaries of life.

For old time's sake...