In search of my father

I meet my dad in each apt underline and every acerbic note on the yellowed pages of dog-eared books, priceless possessions he left behind to last a lifetime and even beyond...

I am sure this is His way of ensuring that I find him just the way he would have liked: delightfully detached and refreshingly relevant.

Watching the circus of many an 'enlightened soul' in our midst - hapless and helpless in the ceaseless struggle to defy age and ailment, faking bliss in playing doting grandparents, broadcasting bumptious travelogues to distant lands, and posting prescriptive sermons on every possible forum - I feel blessed to be the son of a father who taught me why we should learn to unlearn before we yearn to learn ...who reminds me in his inimitable style that it's time I become the same father to my son ...a challenge that I cannot lock horns with for the life of me but will still try all my life. Amen.