Sunday, November 18, 2018

A play store in the guise of a workshop

November 18, 2018 was a historic day: a grand union of like-minded creative practitioners across different spheres to explore the possibility of seeding and nurturing a web-driven creation of the cinematic kind. Thanks to one and all, for the wholehearted participation in the workshop and the willful pledge of allegiance to serve the larger cause of an offbeat web-series.

All my life, I have been observing faces and gestures, as also the way people react to the thrills, challenges, opportunities, trials and triumphs of different situations. The workshop proved fulfilling in every respect and I must thank my colleagues and partners-in-crime Bikash and Pradeep in helping me quickly assemble an awesome gang of wonderful people, all mavericks of different breeds.

Of course, the path to fruition will be a winding route of many twists and turns, many of those that we will relish, a few that could leave a blemish, but given our unconditional involvement, I know for sure that fulfillment is beckoning us from the mists of a future that we are going to co-create exactly as we have envisioned it.

I feel the need to thank each one of you to have joined the family like how long lost siblings would cling to each other following a stunning reunion.

Maya mam, your exuberance and proactive communication is a towering inspiration for the group. The way you seamlessly gel with the crowd, the others are left with no option but to emulate you in thought and action.

Anandh Iyer sir, the way you instantly connected with your character proves it was destined. Your Whats App message post the workshop "bachcha bole to pillu re" was most hilarious - exactly as your character would say. Hats off sir!

Poona Rajan sir, you are even more interesting than what your name suggests, can't ever forget your smile of contentment when your character was announced. Other guys beware: The lion is about to roar...louder than the Metro Goldwyn Mayer lion!

Suraj, Hats off to you to have quickly agreed to the change of role on the spur. This adaptability will surely help you do justice to your character.

Swaraj: You carry a lot of ambition on your shoulders but I know for sure you are more than capable of delivering the goods. You are about to 'sketch' a character that will make the artist in you prouder than before.

Venkat: Your readiness to help out compels me to call you Venky without securing your prior permission. Thanks for the help at short notice in setting up the equipment. I was closely observing your face as character after character was being announced and your name was still in the wait list. You were anxious to know what part you would be playing, yet were applauding the other names with genuine emotions. Keep it up mate!

Snigdha: I am tempted to write a script called Bombay to Pune based on the trips you manage in quick time, and with no complaints. I am sure you will show the same agility in your performance. I am very happy to meet a 'heroine material' who is completely free of tantrums and snobbish behaviour. Continue to be what you are, even after you have relished the fresh fruits of success.

Latika: You have truly transformed from the shy, reserved girl I was introduced to. I can foresee the magic you will pour into your character, which is so close to the person that you are in real life.

Ishwari: You understandably took time to gel with the crowd, having been inducted into the group at the fag end. But now the time has come to do what your Whats App status declares "kuch aisa kar dikha, khud khush ho jaye khuda"

Aditya: Shy and reserved, but very co-operative and extremely punctual, you will always remind the group of the virtues of silence. Your character is very much like you, so you will explode on the screen no doubt. But in future, make some effort to lose yourself in the crowd. I suggest Maya can help you in this self-exploratory mission.

Hardik: You took time to open up, but right from the start, you were extremely attentive. I am sure your character will be one of the most enduring characters of the web series.It will also help enrich your future theater work.

Srichit: I can't thank you in words buddy! Your unassuming presence was more than reassuring in confirming my belief that this world is yet not totally deprived of good people, who put others before them by choice, not compulsion.

Praveen: You belong to the Srichit tribe. Your face is ripe with 24-carat emotions and yet you don't make any explicit effort to convey any of those. Cinematographer-cum-actor, and humble to top it all: I couldn't have asked for a better deal that that!

Prasoon: I am sure you will make better use of your baritone voice and 'wonderfully pensive' face in this web series. Loved your proactive suggestion regarding the get up of your character. Superb!

Vinamra: Your absence was surely felt, since my gut feel says you would have relished the workshop. Your enthusiasm forced me to create a special character for you on the spur. can't wait to see you playing it on screen!

Avinash: Your staple expression of perplexity-cum-wonderment is special, never lose it. Esp. for this project. You will play someone who will create history on celluloid, alter the geography of tinsel town, and redefine the civics of acting!

Akshay: the youngest turk of the group and most flexible, has innovative ways of marking his presence in the frame. Note how he established his place of pride in the group snap.This Kohli bhakt will do the same in the web series, mark my words.

Pradeep: Kavi Pradeep, can't thank you enough for your dogged determination and ceaseless effort to piece everything together. But I am sure this project will finally introduce you to Pradeep the potentially phenomenal actor who will in turn pave the way for Pradeep the budding Filmmaker!

Bikash: Bhai, you have this uncanny knack of being more prominent in the background rather than while at the forefront. Listening to your bizarre but highly cinematic ideas in your inimitable soft voice is a real treat, difficult to describe in words and best experienced in solitude.