Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Workshop interventions...Celebrating six fruitful years

On Feb 5, 2018, I completed six years of workshop intervention programs aimed at facilitating different target groups - individuals, institutions and organizations - to move up the value chain in respective spheres.

Over the years, I have conducted these freewheeling sessions across different geographies - whether pan India, US, UK, Central Asia or Africa - from the scenic town called Horley near London to a sleepy village called Nakuru in Nairobi, from the Mount prospect locality near downtown Chicago to the central business district of Almaty, Kazakhstan, from the pious landmark of Rishikesh to the tribal pockets of Meghalaya, and from the Haddo market area of Port Blair to the awesome terrain of Alangar in Karnataka - for diverse target groups - whether MNCs or SMEs, PSUs or NGOs, kids or housewives, salaried or self employed, contractors or workers, children of plush societies or urchins from slum pockets...

Some of the popular workshops and modules:

Poetry of Mathematics and the science of languages

From Classroom to Workplace: managing the academia-industry transition

Learning beyond the confines of Arts, Science and Commerce

Learning through Music, Literature, Films & Theatre

Probing the Child's mind: No child's play

Decoding gender sensitivity, financial literacy, career planning and life & language skills

Moving from intent to content: Actionable tips on ‘Fit for purpose’ writing

Why get better at communication?

o A brief on communication challenges of the ‘playground’ called Workplace

o What is Fit for Purpose writing and how it helps?

Cutting across cultures: Camaraderie beyond comfort zones

• The Pivotal Role of Language, History and philosophy in cross-culture communication
• Edward Hall’s concept of low-context and high-context communication
• Persuasion and assertion in a multi-cultural scenario – I, we and us.
• Managing a global team: Consensus stems from cultural relativity
• How to become a culture catalyst – going beyond acceptance and tolerance
• Interactive discussion on interesting specifics of cultural contexts – American, European, Asian