Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Beyond 'Puri on Uri'

Any attempt to analyze actor Om Puri's pathetic remarks on the Uri attacks is futile. This haggard, senile tail-ender is clearly batting for the Sultan of Box Office and the Johar of tinsel town, gang lords who supposedly make or break film careers in different ways, depending on your equation with them. Such is their might that even a hopelessly hostile crackpot called Anurag kashyap has a velvety soft corner for at least one of them. Even our grand old Shyam babu Benegal who is lucky to relish the benefit of doubt - of being Mumbai's Satyajit Ray - circuitously pledges allegiance to the Bollywood circus despite having run out of his pale Zubeidas and stale Sajjanpurs for good. Then why blame Sushant Singh Rajput who has chosen to bat for Fawad Khan. He has a long way to go and offending Johar's Dil is hence not only Mushkil, it's Namumkin.

Bollywood has repeatedly lived up to its name that it so desperately wants rechristened only for namesake...for it's a mediocre factory largely producing substandard products and employing a perfunctory workforce, essentially a mutual admiration society which unanimously maintains 'safe distance' when it comes to all matters - including issues of national interest - that threaten to disrupt the jamboree of its umpteen productions and promotions. Differences of opinion within the fraternity are allowed, in fact welcome, but strictly on larger issues like film release & distribution or the crore-club claims.

In the Puri bashing, let's not forget many fence-sitting 'artistes' who want us to spare, nay worship, their mart in the name of art. Their silence is more toxic than Puri's blabber.