Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Accredited certifiers of Well-Lived lives

Lost in their self-centered worlds
of bland faces and blank books

one for every occasion,
one for every season

They love to claim everything...
love, care, compassion, concern
showered through
books, biscuits, bread and beer
subject to convenience

Once deemed assets
turn into
dreaded liabilities
in that they're alive but
no longer kicking

Care-giving demands
a litmus test
and Safe Distance
becomes MUST

Now the sole aim is
to go through the motions
Gather documentary evidence
some cooked, rest borrowed

Chronicle and circulate stories
of fading and fleeting moments

Breaking News of
life and death for
broken acquaintances
of the same tribe
with a deadpan expression
tailored for the cause

Meet the great story tellers
Accredited certifiers
of well-lived lives