Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ray of Hope

"Yes, I am in the phone book, and you can knock on my door. Everybody has access to me, anyone who wants to see me. In fact, the people who come to visit on Sunday mornings are often very ordinary folks. Not big stars or anything like that. Some are my old colleagues from advertising days. Others are those who simply feel friendly towards me as a result of the films of mine they have seen. In the end, I think it's rather stupid to raise a wall around oneself. This way of doing things — as we have done today — is much more interesting, rewarding, exciting."

- Satyajit Ray

(in conversation with the renowned film critic and author Bert Cardullo)

For most of our snobbish filmmakers and arrogant artistes, the audience is merely a small cog in a large wheel. Wish they learn to make creativity rewarding and exciting....wish they learn from a true master!