Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What a reunion!

The other day, on one of my painfully sustained initiatives, we all met for a grand reunion - on one of the worst beaches of Mumbai's coastline. The sheer joy of sharing few nostalgic moments off the rigours of day-of-day life was simply beyond words. And the filth of the beach could not dampen our spirits that went high in the evening - for other reasons of course!

As I woke up with a heavy head the next morning, the remnants of the night before danced before my eyes.

Few of us had gone overboard - mixing drinks and what not! Thanks to my regular pranayams, the toxins could not trouble me. I also had a fair idea of what traspired but chose to submit that I went blank. Here, the fun began. I simply could not keep pace with the numerous versions of the same story titled "what happened last night?" Unfortunately, the quality of fabrication was poor.

And while the mischief mongers aborted memories of the ghastly night, the others chose to keep mum. It was fun nevertheless.Perhaps the price one pays for staging a reunion.

As with all my other groups, this one is quite disparate. We come from diverse backgrounds and grapple with different circumstances. That we are still in touch is partly effort and partly the intrinsic human will to bond, deep within each one of us and one that only grows with time.

The effort is largely mine, for whatever the world calls trivial and inconsequential attracts me no end. Else, I had no reason to shun some pending work aside and spend the night with guys with a known craving for mindless pranks - more the result of a dull, sedentary working life than anything else. If they can't understand, I certainly can.