Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Platter off the coast

Few delicacies from the universal cuisine:

http://nobelprize.org/nobel_prizes/literature/articles/sen/ (Tagore and his India)
http://satyajitray.ucsc.edu/articles/sen.html (Satyajit Ray and the art of Universalism)

Brilliant essays on two great Indians by Amartya Sen - the Nobel laureate economist.



A neat compilation of Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute's Technical Reports by Title, this is a great source of information for enlightened programmers, technical architects, business analysts, design experts, sales professionals and just about anyone interested in diverse software concepts.



A reply to Dr. Frank Morales' false notions about Hinduism written by Chittaranjan Naik with great conviction. See my review on his article at http://www.shvoong.com/www/199521-sword-kali-naik/



Founder of the Lotus Development Corporation and an independant authority on Software Design principles and practice, Mitch Kapor wrote the Software Design Manifesto some sixteen years ago, but every word of it still rings true. Also read his insightful articles here!


Steve Pavlina shares his experience with Polyphasic Sleep in his inimitable style. The article also details his sleep logs. The best place to find more about this sleep pattern also known as Da Vinci sleep or Uberman sleep.


A fine example of clarity in communication. Young media web designer Kedar Prabhawalkar's site conveys the value proposition of his enterprise with resounding conviction. Aspiring web designers all over the world would do well to learn from his style. A rare treat indeed!


Dombivli Fast is a path-breaking Marathi movie that sets a new trend in an industry stuck with the sob stories of family melodrama or the orchestrated laughter of mindless comedies. Read my review.....